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Sustainability Management Accounting and Reporting for enhancing Bioeconomy practices within organizations

Bioeconomy is a new term relevant to business, as it tries to build a new economy model that it will rely only on renewable natural resources for material inputs. Thus, the production outputs will be independent of fossil fuels, creating less emissions and wastes. Circular Bioeconomy enhances this model by managing these wastes in a circular manner, minimizing impacts on natural environment.

The Bioeconomy approach is expected to put pressure on for profit organizations, for changing the classic linear production model based on fossil fuels. International and national (i.e. EU) strategies with innovative ideas and new techniques are required to be adopted by companies in order to introduce them to a more environmentally sustainable operation. This means that traditional accounting systems have to adapt to new challenges paying more attention to the utilization of materials coming from renewable resources, and their outputs and wastes.